Dr. Sam Schikowitz

Dr. Sam Primary Care doctor who specializes in holistic medicine, anti-aging and hormone balancing, Weight Loss and fitness, and Pre-Primary Prevention.

Dr. Sam no longer sees patients

But is available for personal coaching, consulting, and workshops on health topics including: Personal health, lifestyle, healthy weight management, Fitness and injury prevention, Natural products, Mindfulness, Conflict resolution.

Patient Testimonials

“The medical profession needs thousands more doctors like you. You are one of a kind and you STILL listen. Best of luck in all of your endeavors, you’re the best!!”Carrie Miggins

“I just wanted to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude for your practical advise, knowledgeable wisdom, and inspiring me to make positive and proactive health choices. Let me start off by telling you how much I loved your email health series! I really enjoyed reading your helpful and interesting health tips and have began implementing them into my daily life. Now, the most heartfelt thank-you I can offer to you for changing my life. My acne is almost completely gone and I cannot remember the last time my skin looked so clear and healthy! (Literally it was probably before puberty that my skin last looked this good!) Although I am grateful for acne to be my main medical concern at this point in my life and though others would rate acne as the most minuscule of medical issues, it weighed on me heavily. As you may imagine it is difficult to be looked at as a knowledgeable professional during my daily work life when I look young and pubescent due to my acne. The clearing up of my skin has given me much more confidence and I have so enjoyed hearing people compliment my skin and notice the huge change in my complexion. The one side-effect that should be listed on the bottle; “Unable to control looking at yourself when in the presence of a mirror” especially considering that looking in the mirror used to be the determination for what kind of a day it was going to be. Now everyday is a good day! Who would have known that all this could be solved with minor lifestyle changes and natural compounds!? I am a believer! It is absolutely mind blowing when dangerous substances are pushed at you with side-effects 10X worse than the original medical condition and turn out not to work, but an all natural substance works perfectly with no side-effects what so ever! With that, knowing that this method took me about 10 years to find is a pity and that is why I am trying to spread the word about your practice whenever I can. People need to be more aware of what healthy, natural cures can be available to them. Seeking out a holistic doctor like yourself should not be considered “thinking outside the box” like it is today, it should be considered the first step in treatment. My sincere gratitude for your wisdom and kindness.” – Courtney, New York

“I just wanted to say thank you for the comprehensive and effective treatment and lifestyle advice you provided last year. All best to you and your family, and good luck with your next adventure. I think it will be a real pleasure to practice in a more supportive environment and your new clients are fortunate. New York State has a way to go on so many levels.”Anne Galperin

“Sam, thank you for so generously sharing these nutritional “blogs” as it were very helpful! I need the reminders of what you taught me once upon a time. This is an amazing service, kind of like Dr. Weil’s daily messages about health. Hope it brings in some clients. I am often encouraging people to come see you and hope some will actually get to you soon! Keep this great info share coming and thanks again for including me as a recipient!”Caitlin

“In my experience, Dr. Sam hears, and has a clear way of understanding what is needed in an overall way. He takes in account all physical, mental and emotional aspects in a wholistic and organized way that seems unique to anything that I have experienced. He focuses on the issue that is most causing the dis-ease while giving support in the many areas that he is knowledgeable in. Thank you.”Brittany

“Dr. Sam spends a great deal of time with me. He does careful research to ascertain the nature of my concerns and address my needs. I am impressed with his knowledge and his positive attitude. Because of his therapies, I feel better and have reduced my need for medications. PK, Saugerties, New York

“I was dealing with IBS that was related to both food intolerances and social anxiety. After searching online I found that acupuncture had helped a lot of people in dealing with and curing IBS. After speaking with Dr. Sam about my issues I had great hope for returning to a normal life. Dr. Sam’s caring nature for all things that were happening my life and his great knowledge of the human body were able to help me to overcome the obstacles that I was facing both with IBS and some of my work and personal life issues.”Casey Lynch

“I went to Dr. Sam when my cat allergy made visiting friends and relatives very difficult. My primary doctor only wanted to prescribe daily pharmaceuticals, and I wasn’t interested in that. Dr. Sam provided natural solutions and suggested behaviors that were easy and really worked. I am practically allergy-free, and this was with a very doable and inexpensive regimen. I highly recommend seeing him for help with allergy.”Christie

“Greetings! I saw you three weeks ago and wanted to say thanks. It was great to meet you. The heart palpitations went away quickly I’m glad to say, as I regained perspective. I’m holding all your recommendations in my mind, following some more than others, but grateful for them all. … Thanks for your presence and advice! Take care.”Sandra

“I came to Dr. Sam for a serious and sensitive health condition. He understood the fear and stress I was experiencing and helped me feel hopeful. He knew exactly what to do to address the condition naturally, effectively, and without side effects. I doubt I could have found the protocol anywhere else.”Lisa Watkins, New Paltz

“I hope all is well! I just wanted to follow-up to our treatment this past summer. I got my latest PAP smear results back today and it is normal. Very good news! Thank you again for your help with everything!”J

“I am an active male in my 50’s. Three years ago I strained my calf while enjoying one of the first sprints of the season. I have a relatively high pain tolerance and this was painful! I iced it, rested it and hobbled around for a few days, eased my way back into sprinting and reinjured it. I just couldn’t loosen it up no matter how much I stretched. I then headed to Dr Sam who evaluated the injury, checked my stretching technique and my gait then gave my calf a cross tissue massage to “brake up the bundles”. He also taught me how to do this massage on myself. After easing my way back into sprinting, and giving my calf a daily massage, I breezed through the season and remained injury free for a couple years. At the beginning of last summer I swtiched to a “minimal” trail shoe and strained my calf again. I returned to Dr Sam who employed the same massage. I then healed quickly, returned to my daily self massage and again breezed through another season. Dr Sam was also kind enough to take an emergency call from me when I was diagnosed with Lyme’s and recommended some alternative supplements to help battle the infection and clean up the damage done by the Doxycycline.” – Mark Marinoff

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